Fatih Özdemir

Fatih Özdemir was born in 1995 in Istanbul, Turkey. He started his university education in Istanbul in 1987 and graduated in 2017 with "high honor degree". He is currently continuing his undergraduate studies in Sociology at Istanbul University. He speaks English, English and basic German and French. In 2017, he started his master studies in Istanbul University Social Sciences Institute. Fatih Özdemir started his legal internship in 2017, is doing various field investigations and writing articles.

Olive Branch: turkish military operations in Syria

Olive Branch Operation is still going on in about 50 days. The main objective of the operation is to protect the southeastern border of Turkey and provide security in northern Syria. The aim of the operation is to neutralize terrorists from the PKK / KCK / PYD-YPG and DEAS in the Afrin region and to…