Who We Are

@uxilia is the publisher of SocialNews, a monthly magazine for social and non-profit promotion published in  both print and digital format, founded in 2004 by Massimiliano Fanni Canelles who has managed it from the outset.

The headquarters of the editorial office is at @uxilia headquarters in Cividale del Friuli (UD) from where it is distributed on a monthly basis, while other branches of @uxilia provide support for central office activities. The magazine is non-party political and nonpartisan: it provides a forum for debate between  politicians and academics belonging to opposed groups and ideas, to provide a more nuanced and dialectical discussion of the issues addressed. Each month, the SocialNews editorial team selects a theme addressed by the contributions of experts in the subject, selected – both nationally and internationally – in accordance with a principle of excellence referring to their professional field or their experiences. In accordance with the perspective of this expert team, contributions from the media and entertainment world are invited. The magazine, presented in paper and PDF format free on the site, was awarded the “Euromediterraneo 2008” Prize for the best European publishing experience: the award is one of the most prestigious in communication and is sponsored by Confindustria. In addition, since March 2009, RAI – Italian Radiotelevision – has sponsored  SocialNews magazine through a collaboration with the RAI Social Secretariat.

In 2016, SocialNews  integrated its editorial business into an online journal. The website publishes articles about geopolitics and human rights on a daily basis, in both Italian and English.

SocialNews is fully committed to  the overall vision of @uxilia, making it the driving force behind the cultural revolution.

By the expression “cultural revolution” the association means a real change in direction through the dissemination of accurate information to promote – through responsible human work – social capital and the growth of the Collective intelligence designed to respect and enhance all humanity. This can only be done through careful attention and care to human work in all its forms: it is essential that human work returns to being free from all forms of economic-financial slavery, the result of neoliberal policies dedicated only to the pursuit of economic profit by any means.

One of the main causes of the expansion of socio-economic differences among the various peoples of the Earth is precisely this slavery – inherent in the economic system that is fuelled by human labour. Finally, socio-economic inequalities are the ultimate link in the causal chain that links cultural revolution and global social change.

These are the very inequalities that cause crises and divisions, and often prove to be the catalyst for the outbreak of conflicts and wars that become integral parts of the neoliberal economic system.


Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

Head of CAD Nephrology and Dialysis, Health Department with University of Udine Adj. Professor in Alma Mater University in Bologna of International Cooperation Editor of SocialNews Magazine President of Auxilia Foundation.

Journalist and doctor. Director of the monthly magazine “SocialNews”, under RAI. Professor at the University of Bologna in international cooperation. Foreign policy and human rights expert. He is invited as expert in national television broadcasts (LA7, RAI, SKY, Mediaset). Founder and President of @uxilia Foundation. Has taken part in several humanitarian missions in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pachistan, Africa, Srilanka and South-East Asia.

Director of care center of Nephrology and Dialysis in Integrated Health Service University in Cividale. Degree in Medicine and Surgery Specialisation in Nephrology and Internal Medicine. President of the Italian Myelin Project Committee that funds research on rare and demyelinating diseases. Recipient of a number of national and international scientific awards and author of several scientific publications

In 2005 he was awarded the Longobard Seal of Cividale del Friuli for humanitarian work; in 2007 he was awarded the Friuli Prize for high social value; in 2009 he was awarded the Moret d’Aur Prize for social merits; in 2012 he was awarded the Ducal prize for humanitarian merits, in 2015 is the youngest to receive the Nadal Furlan prize high moral value. In February 2004 he met in audience His Holiness Pope John Paul II in March 2008 and July 2012 His Holiness the Dalai Lama and in October 2012, the Dalai Lama’s sister, Jetsun Pema.

Kathryn Johnston

kathryn johnston

Writer and freelance journalist, on Twitter @KathrynJohnston.  

I am a published author, broadcaster, freelance journalist and political activist.  I live in North Antrim, Ireland, very close to the Glens of Antrim and the Giants’ Causeway.
I have a degree in Media Studies, which I have also taught.  My main interests were the political economy of the media and cultural representation of nationalism, gender and class.
I have written for The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Belfast Telegraph, The Times, Irish Times, BBC, Ulster Television and many others.  At the moment I am finalising my new website, which has had to take its turn in the queue – it should have been online in May.
Together with my late husband, Liam Clarke, who died on 27 December 2015, she co-wrote and published Martin McGuinness: From guns to government. I am updating the Kindle edition following the death of McGuinness earlier in 2017 and will be publishing it after the summer.
I am Secretary of the Labour Party Northern Ireland, a member of the Belfast Branch Committee of the National Union of Journalists, and a member of Amnesty International.
I am also a member of 48%+, a UK based group which opposes Brexit, and a member of Diem 25 Ireland and Belfast.

Claudio Torbinio
Anthropologist amateur, IT professional, influencer, blogger, columnist, copywriter, and ghostwriter.
Born in Naples. I collaborates with MySalute, TDNetwork, The NZ Herald and Coffee Mode. I write free posts for publishing houses online. Graduated in Nursing, Mastered in Computer Analysis, Passionate Nurses, Analyst since Ever. 
I have directed and created blogs and web-oriented programs since 1995.
Travel enthusiast, food artist, art leader, and humanity lover…
I am IT manager and author of SocialNews.

Jim Van Laak

James Van Laak

Auxilia USA, former NASA mission manager, director of the Shuttle-Mir program.

My name is Jim Van Laak and I am here as the President of Auxilia-USA.  This is a new charitable organization that hopes to help support the work of Max and the entire @uxilia team.  I am very proud to be part of such a wonderful group of people.
My background is technical systems management specializing in aerospace systems.  In other words, most of my career I have helped design, build, test, and operate big systems like the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.  A special element of that was my role in bringing Russia and the US together through the Shuttle-Mir and ISS programs.
My expertise is solving big problems, from technical issues to societal ones such as gun violence and refugee crises.  This is done using the same basic tools and techniques as are used to solve technical ones, and I would be delighted to assist any of you in solving your problems.
On a personal level, I have a wonderful wife of 42 years and two adult children.  I have been a pilot for my entire adult life and benefit from the peace, perspective, and focus it brings to my life.  My work has long connected me with the most intelligent humans on the planet and now this group is introducing me to the most wonderful, caring, compassionate, and giving of our species.  I look forward to meeting you all and contributing to your work.

Chiara Zin

Chiara Zin

I am a graduate from SOAS University in London, in BSc International Management for the Middle East and North Africa. Despite my courses focusing on an economic and commercial perspective mostly , I had the chance to also discover the socio-economic realities of my region of interest, I.e. The Middle East.
My academic interest in the region combined to my experience in Jordan have-in a way-been a trigger leading to a new found life purpose. Indeed, as I spent a year in Jordan in 2015,  I really found myself wanting  to fully grasp the meaning of the Syrian crisis, what did it really mean for Syrians, neighboring countries and the rest of the world. This really led my to understand how I wanted to dedicate my efforts to humanitarian and International development work.
Aside from that, I am a theatre (especially musicals), literature and classical music fan, and I love studying languages.