Olive Branch: turkish military operations in Syria

Olive Branch Operation is still going on in about 50 days. The main objective of the operation is to protect the southeastern border of Turkey and provide security in northern Syria. The aim of the operation is to neutralize terrorists from the PKK / KCK / PYD-YPG and DEAS in the Afrin region and to save the peoples of friendly and brotherly regions from oppression and persecution.

Why operations name Olive Branch?

Afrin is a town located in the Syrian border with Turkey. The population of the city is over 50.000 and the predominant part is Kurdish. The olive tree is a symbol of Afrin and is an important production center for olives. Olive oil, textile and Aleppo soap are some of the city’s local industries. Afrin also has a large number of Arabs and Turkmen. 

Why Afrin is so important for Turkey?

The Turkish Armed Forces continue to operate the “Olive Branch” for Afrin in the northwest of Syria. The aim of the operation is to ensure security and stability in Turkey’s borders. With the Operation of the Euphrates, initiated in 2016, an area of 2 thousand square kilometers in Syria was cleaned from ISIS. Now the area under the protection of the Turkish Army and under the supervision of Syrian opposition extends from Azez to Cerablus to the west of the Euphrates.

Operation of the Euphrates removed the ISIS threat from the region and formed a buffer zone between Syria’s Kurdish block. Turkey, Syria’s Idlib in the northwest also sent troops. Russia and Turkey was held ceasefire agreement, in May 2017, about this region.

Turkey wants to enter to remove from this region Afrin terrorist organizations. In this respect Afrin operation is the continuation of Operation of the Euphrates. Afrin is very close to Turkey’s border. The conflicts between YPG and the Turkish army have been going on for months. YPG seized Afrin’s control in 2012 and effectively established an autonomous administration.

YPG is an extension of the PKK terrorist organization, especially if the US and some European countries are opposed. Turkey gave thousands of martyrs in the fight against terrorism that lasted for years. It is a fact that Turkish people are sensitive to this issue. Turkey continues to fight to put an end to these organizations within the scope of legitimate self-defense.

Fatih Özdemir

Fatih Özdemir was born in 1995 in Istanbul, Turkey. He started his university education in Istanbul in 1987 and graduated in 2017 with "high honor degree". He is currently continuing his undergraduate studies in Sociology at Istanbul University. He speaks English, English and basic German and French. In 2017, he started his master studies in Istanbul University Social Sciences Institute. Fatih Özdemir started his legal internship in 2017, is doing various field investigations and writing articles. 


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