Volt, the first pan-European progressive political movement

STRASBOURG – Volt, the first pan-European progressive political movement, launched at the summit held in Paris over the weekend the start of its campaign for the European elections. The Assembly has registered the participation of over 200 members of the movement, coming from all over the continent, who have developed the strategy to be adopted in the coming months of the electoral campaign.

“Paris marks a turning point for our new movement,” said Andrea Venzon, Volt’s founder and president. “We have a clear vision and, one year after the elections, we are ready to face the traditional parties and to transform the way politics is practiced”, Volt already has? format of national parties in several EU member states, including Germany, Bulgaria and Belgium, which will participate as independent entities in the upcoming elections.


The movement aims to secure a sufficient number of votes in at least seven countries to obtain 25 seats and to create an independent group in the European Parliament.

Volt was founded in March 2017, the day of the Brexit notification, by a small group of young people with the aim of building the first true pan-European party. The movement aims to build a truly democratic and united Europe that values ​​its citizens and makes them part of the solution to the challenges they face, a Europe in which municipalities, regions and states work together to guarantee equal opportunities and improve living standards for all, concludes a note.

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