Ali Goldman

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Syria: key events of 2018

Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump declared victory against ISIL and announced the withdrawal of approximately 2000 American troops from Syria – a move that has attracted controversy at home and abroad. His fellow Republicans have labelled it a ‘huge’ mistake that may lead to further insurgency, undermine efforts to counter Iranian and Russian influence in…

The Idlib offensive

What do the Iraqi elections mean for the corruption-ridden country

On 12 May, parliamentary elections were held across Iraq to decide the next holders of the 329 seats in the Council of Representatives. As the sole legislative body, parliament is responsible for appointing the country’s president and, by extension, the prime minister. This has been Iraq’s fourth national election since 2003, when then-President Saddam Hussein…

Libyan civil war: the future of a country in turmoil

Qatar, A Breach in the Blockade

Cyril Ramaphosa, the New Hope

From the Great Wall of China to a Great Economic Power