Lorenzo Flego

Lorenzo Flego, born in Pordenone (Italy) in 1993. I'm currently studying MSc International Politics at SOAS University of London, although I've been formerly trained in Classical Piano Performance at the Conservatory of Music "G. Tartini", Trieste. I'm much interested in geopolitics, history and literature, as well as in music and fine arts. My aim as a Socialnews writer is to raise awareness about lesser-known places or situations which though may have great importance in shaping the international scene. My main focus is the relations of power, and how these relate to matters of human rights and human rights violations.

Transitional justice: a case for Syria

A conflict covered by the media as thoroughly as the Syrian one – in ways which do fail at times to capture some nuances of the whole – cannot avoid to spark emotional reactions into public opinion. Seven years and countless killed, injured or displaced ones ahead, the theatre of the Syrian conflict does like…