Ilaria Guidoni

Born in Rome in 1994, I studied Contemporary History at Sapienza University of Rome and then I moved to Turin to attend a master’s degree in International Sciences. Currently, I’m an Erasmus student at SOAS University of London, where I’m nurturing my passion for Middle East politics. In general, I’m very interested in geopolitics and international relations, but I also love reading and participating in debates related to feminism and human rights. I’m happy to write on Social News to share my knowledge not only with university fellows but also with a broader audience, hoping to defy stereotypes and false assumption that often lead to misinterpretation of the reality and of different cultures’ principles. I think that human rights are at the basis of any inter-personal relationship and that their enforcement is not only an International Organizations’ prerogative, but it starts from the bottom, from ordinary people and their actions in ordinary life.

The legacy of ISIS on Iraqi women and children

“We have to kill the IS families” Iraq declared the end of its war against ISIS in December 2017. However, even though the war may be over, the suffering of Iraqis is far from over. According to a survey carried out by Amnesty International in eight Iraqi camps for internal displaced people, women and children…

Syria: sex for aid. Women, war and charities

A new scandal breaks in the world of charities. After those surrounding Oxfam, aid workers operating in Syria in the behalf of the UN and international charities have been charged with sexual exploitation against vulnerable women in Syria. According to the UN report “Voices from Syria 2018”, indeed, sexual exploitation and harassment of women and…