Hunky the Centaur

Hunky the Centaur is an immortal demigod and life coach. He has guided the greats, from Heracles to Hume - a Longterm HIV, Cancer, Opioid and PTSD Survivor. He lives on another plane of existence, but connects to Hume through his dreams and subconscious. Hunky watches over Hume from his ancient temple and shares his inspiring story at

In the Eyes of Tantalus: Medical Cannabis Under Threat in U.S.

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By Hunky the Centaur A mystified world watches in disbelief and sadness as Trump’s America devolves from its leadership role in the Free World. Countless examples of international floundering are being cautiously noted by allies. Equally glaring, but on a more domestic scale, has been the president’s admiration of authoritarian leadership, and inclination towards racist…