Enea Bordon

Enea Bordon

Enea Bordon, 21 anni, di Tieste. Studente di diritto europeo e internazionale a Maastricht University. Amante delle lingue e fervente sostenitore di un'Europa unita all'insegna dei valori sui quali è stata fondata.

The quest for a more effective mechanism to enforce the value of the rule of law

In the realm of compliance and enforcement of values under Article 2 TEU, in particular of the rule of law, multiple solutions have been advanced by constitutional scholars. For instance, interesting to examine are the key academic proposals selected by Kochenov in this respect. Although these academic endeavours may provide policymakers with good food for…

Protecting the rule of law in the Member States: preventive, monitoring and sanctioning mechanisms

The EU’s proactivity in dealing with ‘rule of law-related’ matters is undisputed.As emphasised already, the EU actively engages in ensuring that candidate states comply with the rule of law before allowing their accession: this is done by enforcing the Copenhagen Criteria, which have become the customary law on membership. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to…