Andrea Ibba

Andrea Ibba comes from Genova where he was born in 1992. He left Italy when he was 19 in a quest to learn skills and gain experience to make a fairer, more sustainable world with better human rights. He holds a BSc in Economics from City University of London and a masters in Public Policy and Development from the Paris School of Economics. Andrea’s research interests comprise labour economics, tax and transfers, economics of development, credit risk and poverty alleviation. Andrea works as a Research Officer at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). At CEPR Andrea works in the Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL) programme, where he is responsible for assisting the Scientific Coordinator with the evaluation of research proposals, the assessment of scientific progress of ongoing grants, and the output and dissemination of results from funded projects. He loves reading and travelling. Although he may be travelling alone, he will always have a book by his side. Sometimes, for fun, he puts down a few lines.

The various faces of gender discrimination

Let’s start with two hypothetical situations. Zoe is an analyst and is looking for a job in a consultancy company. She knows that the bar to get hired will be higher for her than for the male applying to the same job with similar skills and qualifications. She is also aware that she may be…

Great power and great responsibilities: the tale of multinationals

Public opinion on multinational corporations is cold-hearted at best. Large firms with offshore factories and suppliers are seen as the fallacious result of unchecked globalisation. The main accusations are poor working conditions and social dumping, market monopolisation by pushing out of business many smaller firms, environmental costs due to the wide use of pollutants, and…