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Syria: key events of 2018

Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump declared victory against ISIL and announced the withdrawal of approximately 2000 American troops from Syria – a move that has attracted controversy at home and abroad. His fellow Republicans have labelled it a ‘huge’ mistake that may lead to further insurgency, undermine efforts to counter Iranian and Russian influence in…

US imposes second round of sanctions to drive Iranian oil exports to zero

US exit from Iran nuclear deal is a risky approach

Freeze on US funding for White Helmets (Free Syrian Civil Defense)

Coward of the County  

Qatar, A Breach in the Blockade

What is the dispute over Jerusalem about?

In the Eyes of Tantalus: Medical Cannabis Under Threat in U.S.

medical cannabis a view

By Hunky the Centaur A mystified world watches in disbelief and sadness as Trump’s America devolves from its leadership role in the Free World. Countless examples of international floundering are being cautiously noted by allies. Equally glaring, but on a more domestic scale, has been the president’s admiration of authoritarian leadership, and inclination towards racist…