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Great power and great responsibilities: the tale of multinationals

Public opinion on multinational corporations is cold-hearted at best. Large firms with offshore factories and suppliers are seen as the fallacious result of unchecked globalisation. The main accusations are poor working conditions and social dumping, market monopolisation by pushing out of business many smaller firms, environmental costs due to the wide use of pollutants, and…

Aleppo, no support for free police

The Congo and the politics of human cruelty

The Rohingya people in Myanmar, the persecution of an invisible community

European army: why and how

Kumari: the child-goddess without joy

The Nasra Front arrested leaders accused of supporting al-Qaeda

The Nasra Front arrested leaders and “jihadists” accused of supporting al-Qaeda in Syria. Their names: Jordanian Sami al-Aridi, a former leader in the Nasra Front, Khalid Aarouri “Abu al-Qassam”, former deputy of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Iyad al-Tubasi “Abu Jleibib”, former military commander, another military leader, Abu Hammam, and about 50 fighters, mostly Jordanian. The Nasra…

Ulster Says No – Again

The UK daily papers are full of outrage that Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) blocked proposals yesterday that would have moved Northern Ireland’s customs border to the Irish Sea. The 10 DUP MPs are currently propping up Theresa May’s minority Conservative government on a confidence and supply basis. Theresa May’s premiership could not continue…

Brexit: humble pie?

Brexit showdown Monday