Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

Massimiliano Fanni Canelles Head of CAD Nephrology and Dialysis, Health Department with University of Udine Adj. Professor in Alma Mater University in Bologna of International Cooperation Editor of SocialNews Magazine President of Auxilia Foundation Twitter. @fannicanelles Instagram @fannicanelles

Is Kim Jong-Un subdued by China?

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Kim Jong-un warned the world that his country will keep building up its nuclear arsenal regardless of sanctions, political or military pressure. North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. It’s North Korea’s 11th missile test this year. The launch “ignores repeated warnings from the international community,” and “shows its threat was further increased”, sayd Japanese…

Why does Saudi Arabia boycott Qatar?

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Is Gun Lobby worse than Islamic Terrorism?

How Does Russia Interfere With Western Elections

Former FBI director James B. Comey answering questions from senators about his interactions with President Trump. During more than two hours of testimony, Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee he believed Trump had directed him to drop an FBI probe into the Republican president’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn as part of the broader Russia…

Climate Agreement: Make our planet great again

The Reasons of Our Subjection to Terrorism

Who wants to destroy Europe?

Intolerance, Racism and Xenophobia: Contexts and Motivations

“Sexual violence is always a hateful and disgusting act, but it is socially and morally even more unacceptable when it is done by those who ask for and receive hospitality in our country.” These words by Debora Serracchiani – Governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia ( Italian region ) – have sparked innumerable controversies evidently exploited by politicians and…

Elections in France: The Candidate of the Islamic State

The New Ottoman Empire