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Blockchain or blockchains?

blockchain or blockchains

In the previous articles we have seen the technical characteristics of the blockchain and the function of the logs in the communication protocols, but there is only one blockchain managed model or the templates are more than one? What are the consequences of the fact that this is a distributed register? Permissioned blockchain o unlimited…

Blockchain, communication paradoxes, and registers

blockchain register

As we have seen in the previous article, the blockchain lends itself to tracing transactions between two subjects, but to respond to this need, it would not be enough to have a simpler communication protocol based on known tools such as Digital signature for imputability, Certified delivery receipt Timestamp for the time guarantee? In particular,…

The blockchain or the new telematic traceability mechanisms of transactions

blockchain how does it work

We increasingly hear about blockchains and the attention that the most diverse institutions, public and private, turn to this technology testifying its importance as a tool for telematics traceability of transactions; but what is and how does the most popular “distributed” protocol of the moment work? The term “blockchain” (literally “chain of blocks”) indicates a…