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Is Collective Intelligence the answer to our Global Challenges?

Blockchain or blockchains?

blockchain or blockchains

Hurricanes, climate change and human responsibilities

hurrican irma

Can Modern Collectivism address the Challenges of Globalization?

globalization approach

The nightmare of Harvey and climate change

harvey climate change

The blockchain or the new telematic traceability mechanisms of transactions

blockchain how does it work

We increasingly hear about blockchains and the attention that the most diverse institutions, public and private, turn to this technology testifying its importance as a tool for telematics traceability of transactions; but what is and how does the most popular “distributed” protocol of the moment work? The term “blockchain” (literally “chain of blocks”) indicates a…

The battle of Maduro vs the Venezuelan Ecosystem

venezuela crisis madder

There is only one natural resource that is now available in larger amounts than in the past: humans. Connecting them, in novel, pervasive, widespread and affordable manners, is perhaps the biggest breakthrough enabled by digital technologies” Fabrizio Sestini Any attempt to perform an analysis of the current political and social crisis in Venezuela, which does not…

Is Gun Lobby worse than Islamic Terrorism?

Climate Agreement: Make our planet great again