Nicolas Brunetti

Laos, an other world

The Israeli plan on migrants: voluntary expulsion or jail

Plastic pollution: more waste than fish

The materials we call “plastic” were developed in the 1930s and 40s and mass production began in the 1950s. Since then, the diffusion and use of different plastics have been continuously increasing and projections suggest that this trend will continue.This lightweight, durable, cost-effective and versatile material has some disadvantages that had not been foreseen. For…

Multinationals are destroying the South of the world

Southeast Asia: tourism could increase sexual exploitation of children

Tourism in Southeast Asia has expanded and changed dramatically in recent years. Independent travel is booming, as are new forms of tourism including ecotourism, homestays, volunteer tourism that are allowing travelers to access previously isolated areas. The increasing ease and decreasing cost of travel are also contributing to the movement of significant numbers of tourists…

Iran: people are fed up with the regime

Honduras: rigged elections and violation of human rights

Human rights: nothing has changed in China

Kumari: the child-goddess without joy

Nepal two years later: cities rebuilt, kids still in need of help

Two years ago, the Nepalese earthquake struck the international community. With its the large amount of damage and displacement, first aid responses were quick and efficient. As the  emergency situation has now left the limelight, underground illegal activities are proliferating, and the most vulnerable parts of society are suffering. Indeed, very little effort has been…