Kathryn Johnston

Kathryn Johnston

Kathryn Johnston is an author, broadcaster, freelance journalist and political activist.

Today, We Are All Europeans

‘April is the cruelest month’ is the first line of T S Eliot’s 1922 poem The Waste Land – his searing indictment of the global desolation that followed the end of World War I. April 2017 shows every sign of following in its path. On Easter Sunday, Turkey voted by a narrow majority (51%) to…

History Class: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Charlie Wilson’s War is a 2008 film loosely based on the true story of a Texas congressman. Wilson is best known for leading the US Congress into supporting Operation Cyclone, the largest-ever Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) covert operation which, under the Carter and Reagan administrations, supplied military equipment like the Redeye to the Afghan Mujahedeen…