Ishaq Ali

Always interested to portray the real and immense pictures of the situation regarding political, social and security issues of Pakistan and Afghanistan by providing good and overwhelming analysis of the news emanating from the region. I am regular contributor to Global Village Space, one of the biggest web portal in Pakistan, a newsletter which highlights issues ranging from national to International issues. It is one of the most readable and effective websites in Pakistan. I often contribute to the Balochistan Voices, an online newspapers mostly highlights the local issues pertaining to Balochistan. I am also a contributing analyst with CommandEleven, a first of its kind in Pakistan- a consulting and advisory firm focused on national security, counter terrorism and counter insurgency.

Afghanistan: the growing ethnic tension has its roots in history

The government’s decision to issue the computerized ID cards and mentioning the nationality as “Afghan” on the cards fueled a new political and ethnic tension in the country. The Afghan government with the financial assistance of foreign NGO decided to issue Computerized Identity cards to its citizens eight years ago but could not succeeded to…