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The formidable challenge of climate change: Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Green Energy

Who makes war with Italian weapons?

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In the Eyes of Tantalus: Medical Cannabis Under Threat in U.S.

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By Hunky the Centaur A mystified world watches in disbelief and sadness as Trump’s America devolves from its leadership role in the Free World. Countless examples of international floundering are being cautiously noted by allies. Equally glaring, but on a more domestic scale, has been the president’s admiration of authoritarian leadership, and inclination towards racist…

The Italian route with Africa also goes to Congo

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Flood of compassion

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Trump South Asia Policy could push Pakistan closer to Russia and China

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Islamabad seems to be preparing for a slight ‘strategic shift’ as the administration of the President of the United States has concluded on its highly anticipated strategy for Afghanistan.  After the announcement of the frequently discussed strategy that extends through to the South Asian region, not just Afghanistan, the authorities in Pakistan have little hope…

Hurricanes, climate change and human responsibilities

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How the IS profits from child soldiers for propaganda purposes 

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The nightmare of Harvey and climate change

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Sin miedo, ni odio – no fear, no hate

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